Kera Robson Photography was established in 2006, but there was never a time that Kera can remember not having a camera in her hand. Her first camera that she ever used was her Grandmas old polaroid camera she found when she was very small, her Grandma was a keen hobby photographer and was the one that took all the photos in the family, there are very few photos of her as she was always the one behind the camera capturing events. Even as a very young child Kera enjoyed creating images with the polaroid and as soon as she had taken one photo could not wait to take the next and see what it developed like. 


Kera first started photographing for clients in 2006 at 18 years old, when she started to photograph little jobs for friends of friends and photographed her first wedding. She worked her photography business alongside other jobs, working in a care home for several years while studying photography at college and then going into the motor vehicle mechanic trade for a few years, none of these jobs stuck tho for too long as Kera's passion was creating imagery and the business was building a little bit each year. 

in 2014 Kera left full-time employment and took the plunge into the world of self-employment and decided to go full time with the photography business. It had taken 8 years to build up the business and get to a point where she had several repeat clients including a fashion brand that she was working with regularly. The decision was the best she ever made as the business has continued to grow each year and has gone from strength to strength. She now owns a photography studio in Burton - on - Trent and works the length and breadth of the UK and beyond, she photographs destination weddings and any job that might give her the opportunity to travel. 


2018 has been a turning point for Kera Robson Photography, with the introduction of video and working with businesses branding, logo building and generating content, this new edition of "creative media" to Kera Robson Photography is an exciting one and has taken off brilliantly. 


Kera has big dreams for the future and is forever evolving her business and moving with the times, she is studying at University doing an honours degree in Environmental Science and hopes to one day combine her love of photography and the Environment to raise awareness to climate change issues and help change the world for the better. She already has the wheels in motion creating a documentary specifically focused on climate change and consumerism.  |  Tel: 07850386686

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