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Your Photoshoot Experience

your photoshoot is not just a session; it's an experience crafted to capture the essence of your unique story. Here's what you can expect:

1. Initial Consultation:

Our journey begins with a conversation. Before the photoshoot, we'll have an initial consultation to discuss your vision, preferences, and the story you want to tell through your photographs. Whether we meet in person or have a virtual discussion, this step ensures that your photoshoot is personalized to reflect your individuality.

2. Meeting at the Location:

The backdrop of your photos matters. We can meet at a location that holds significance to you, whether it's your home, a scenic outdoor spot, or a place that resonates with your story or somewhere that I have suggested for you. The chosen setting will add a meaningful touch to your images, making them even more special.

Coming early 2024 I am opening a small studio in my home space which will open up another avenue for your portraiture.

3. 1.5 Hours of Capturing Moments:

The photoshoot typically lasts around 1.5 hours, providing ample time to capture a variety of images. This duration allows for a relaxed and enjoyable session, ensuring we have the opportunity to explore different poses and scenarios. It's not just about quantity but the quality of moments captured during our time together. 

4. Guided Poses and Candid Moments:

During the photoshoot, I'll guide you through a series of poses that reflect your personality and relationships. While posed shots capture the beauty of planned moments, I also encourage and capture candid, unscripted moments that often become some of the most cherished images. The balance between posed and candid shots ensures a comprehensive and authentic representation of your story.

5. Relaxed Atmosphere:

My approach is to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The best moments are often captured when you're at ease, allowing genuine expressions and connections to shine through. Whether it's a family session, a couple's shoot, or an individual portrait, the focus is on making the experience enjoyable and stress-free.

6. Viewing Session and Personalized Collections:

Following the photoshoot, we'll schedule a special viewing session where you can witness the magic of your captured moments in the best setting possible. This personalized experience takes place in my home studio, creating a comfortable space for you to view and choose from a selection of carefully curated images.

During the viewing session, you'll have the opportunity to see a preview of the edited images and explore various collections tailored to meet your preferences. Whether you're interested in framed prints, albums, or digital packages, there will be options that suit your unique style.

This collaborative session ensures that you play an active role in selecting the images that resonate with you the most. It's not just about capturing moments but also about providing you with tangible, high-quality keepsakes that will adorn your home and become cherished heirlooms.

we believe in the power of personalized service, and the viewing session is an integral part of that commitment. It's an opportunity for you to take home not just photographs but a collection of memories that will be treasured for generations.

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