Important information for your photoshoot

Payment Policy

Kera Robson Photography accepts payments via cash or bank transfer. Your photo session booking will not be reserved until your deposit payment has cleared. 



Late arrival & Cancelation

Late arrival - If you arrive late to your session this does cut into your session time. Photoshoots are booked throughout the day and one late session has an effect on the next so sessions cannot run over their allocated time. If you require directions to the studio please visit the finding the studio section of this page, it has a map and directions on how to get there. If you are worried about finding the studio please make sure you leave early so you have plenty of time to get here, it is much better to be early than late. If you are early and I am not currently working with a client we can start your session early.   



Cancellation - Cancellation must be made 7 days in advance of your session date. All cancellations made within 7 days forfeits your session fee. Each client is allowed one rescheduling credit for their portrait creative session. Any additional request to reschedule will incur £30 rescheduling fee and must be paid immediately to reserve your new date. Rescheduling due to weather conditions will not count against your reschedule credit.




Session type

The session you have booked is one of three different session types, Studio, Lifestyle or outdoor. Here is what each session type entails. 

Studio Session - Your session will take place in Kera's professional studio setting in Burton on Trent. The studio does have a short flight of steep and uneven steps as is on an upper floor, so please bear this in mind when booking your session. 


Lifestyle session - This session will take place in the comfort of your home. Using your home setting Kera will create some very beautiful personal imagery. Remember these sessions will use your own home as a background so a clean tidy space is important. Space and light is crucial for these sessions, it is best for these photos to take place in rooms that have a good source of natural light flowing in. Sometimes Kera will bring along props dependant on the session type. 


Outdoor session - These sessions can take place at any location throughout the UK or beyond. Travel cost must be taken into consideration if Kera is travelling anywhere over 10 miles of DE11. These sessions can take place in any weathers, I have photographed in sun rain and snow they are all fun! But if you have a specific whether you want please book accordingly and remember the seasons. I understand that with our unpredictable British weather it can never be 100% predicted so these sessions can be rescheduled if necessary with no loss of your deposit. 

Finding the studio

The studio can be tricky to find so here is some detail on how best to find it. 
 The image on the left is the gates that you will be looking out for, the studio itself is next door to Ali's Carpets on Byrkley Street.  Please leave early if you do not know where the studio is, late arrival infringes on your time in studio. 


The Studio
115 Byrkley Street
Burton on
DE14 2EG

If coming from near the train station here is a one way system which will put you on  Waterloo street (pictured on the left) stay in the left hand lane here. 

You will be coming up to a set of traffic lights here. 

These are the traffic lights that you will come across, before these traffic lights as you can see there is a left hand turn, take that turning. 

This turning puts you onto Byrkley street as pictured here. Continue down this street for a short way, Until you see Ali's carpets.

The gates to the left of Alis carpets is the courtyard to the studio. You may park in there if you require. The studio door is on the left in there, under a small roof porch. It is on the 1st floor, up a flight of steep and uneven stairs, so please watch your step.  |  Tel: 07850386686

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