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Covid-19 Health & Safety Policy

Now that businesses are starting to open up and we’re allowed to see people again there’s no better time to have a family photoshoot. Whether it’s to celebrate getting through lockdown, the first time the grandkids see their grandparents again or just you and your friends catching up.


Every single person I work with is so important to me, you are the backbone of how I operate as a business; so I want to make sure everything we do ensures that we are all safe and happy. So I’ve detailed below what I’m going to be doing with family photoshoots to make sure that it can be stress-free and we can have lots of fun!


When booking you will be given a contract which makes sure we’re all covered and safe as well as all of my contact details in case you need to get in touch quickly. I will also ask for your details which I will store for three weeks after the photoshoot in case I need to get in touch with you.


Outdoor photoshoots are ideal for social distancing and I have all of the equipment I need to make sure that we can keep a safe distance away from each other. We can also make sure that different households are safely distanced. I would recommend that we keep the number of households involved to a minimum.

I will be using long range lenses in studios and have gotten rid of furniture to make social distancing much easier in the studio space. 

With the longer daylight hours, it’s the perfect time to think about them beautiful photoshoots outside and make the most of the great outdoors! 


If you’re interested in booking a photoshoot in then get in touch and let’s get you booked in for this summer!

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